How to use it?

How do I start?
After signing in, you will come to the Home Page. Find the large button which says “Start” to begin your activity. Follow the instructions to connect your camera and begin your activity.

What device can I use?
For the best experience use a Laptop, Computer, or Tablet with a camera. This can be the standard built-in camera on most devices. The larger the screen the better; you will be able to see the instructions during the activity. Not currently available for mobile devices like Android and iPhone. 

How far should I be from the camera during an activity?
You will need 4-5 feet of distance from your device depending on your height. Feel free to tilt your screen if you’re using a laptop to adjust. 

Can I select my preferred music?
Yes, after pressing “Start” to begin your activities, you will be prompted to select the genre of music you would prefer to listen to and interact with! You can change that daily depending on your mood and preferences. 

What happens if I leave during an activity to go answer the door?
If you happen to step away from the camera, or need to rest, the activity will automatically pause when you exit the field of view of the camera. Take your time and come back when you are ready to continue!

If I’m having trouble how do I get help?
If you are in an emergency, always make sure to contact emergency responders in your area. If you are having trouble with running an activity or experiencing what may potentially be an error, please feel free to use this link. You can also use the message bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of SoundHealth to send us any feedback or advice on how we can improve your experience!

How does this support my health?

I have balance issues, is this safe for me?
You should always follow your doctor’s instructions to support your mobility needs. With that said, the activities are designed for users at risk or already diagnosed with neurodegenerative conditions. While working on your balance, SoundHealth aims to give you the motivation to move, prioritize your wellness and reward you for it. The activities happen in front of your device so your movements are captured by your camera. There is no running in circles or getting from point A to B. You follow the activities in front of your screen and most activities can be done standing or sitting on a chair. We recommend you tell your doctor about using SoundHealth.

Does this replace seeing my PT?
This does not replace your Physical Therapy. You should follow your doctor’s instructions if that is to see a Physical Therapist or Occupational Therapist. Using this, in addition, could be highly beneficial and motivating. Make sure to tell your Physical Therapy about SoundHealth.  If you are not currently doing Physical Therapy, it is ok to use this for general wellness. Music and Movement are generally beneficial for all humans. 

Does this help with my memory?
Some activities require using your short-term and/or your long-term memory to make the physical activity more engaging and beneficial. Music and Rhythm have a great impact on our movement, memory, and brain in general.

Was this developed by doctors?
This was created thanks to many collaborators: clinical advisors, doctors, neurologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, etc. Find out more about our team and research on our website!


How do I reach my daily goal?
To reach your daily goal, complete all available activities for the day. In this version you will only need to complete your Sit, Stand, Achieve activity. Soon you will be given more activities to explore! The more days you complete your activity, the better reward you will receive!

How do I reach my monthly goal?
To start there are 3 Monthly Goals. 5, 10, and 15 days of completing your activities. Each offers a higher level reward to immediately give you value for staying active!

How many times can I use my coupon rewards?
As many times as you would like; you earned it! Say goodbye to paying full price on health equipment. Complete 15 days, and receive 20% off all Physical Therapy equipment! 
Might be time to get a brand new pair of boxing gloves, or a fresh yoga mat!

How many activities do I need to do to get a coupon?
Just reach your daily goal for enough days to unlock the next tier of rewards!

What kind of rewards can we expect in the future?
We will be bringing new and exciting rewards each month, so make sure to come back and check-in. We have some ideas in the store like Amazon Gift Cards, and much more; but what kind of rewards would YOU want? Tell us here!


Do you save my video?
No, we do not save any videos of users. We care about your privacy and this footage is never recorded. We just use your camera to capture your movements through motion capture capabilities to ensure you’re achieving your goals, and staying active and adherent. 

Do you have access to my data?
While all data is de-identified, we are able to see where bugs and unsuccessful user experiences might get in the way of you getting the most out of SoundHealth. 

Do you share my data with third parties?
No, we don’t share your data with any third party. Your privacy is our priority. Only you will have the ability to share your data with your doctor, therapist, or loved ones.